Ms Fay

My childhood church was the place that first introduced Bible Club to Canada. Our church’s use of BCM material was, in part, what led me to love Christ. A teacher who demonstrated God’s caring love and holiness grew in my heart. In our home, my mom and dad and my Christian grandparents demonstrated God’s unconditional love.

As a child, I attended Bible Club. The memory work, songs, prayers and Bible stories gave a true understanding of my Bible. When I was a young mom, a neighbour asked me to assist with a Bible club in her home. I taught a neighbourhood club, and adapted this for a junior church program. I have 15 years as a BCM volunteer and 17 years as a BCM missionary.

I love teaching the Bible in creative truthful ways. Online classes opens possibilities for children to come from anywhere! The kids engage with the stories, activities, songs, prayers, and memory work in a fun and impactful way. Jesus’ love changed me and His love starts changes in kids and adults.

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