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Who we are

We Love to Teach the Bible

We love to teach the Bible because the Bible brings positive change to individuals, families, and communities.

Memorizing scripture gives us guidance throughout our lives and contributes to our spiritual learning for a lifetime.

Geared to kids, our learning program is fun, builds relationships and is age appropriate.

to Safety

Our volunteers are screened by police and they are interviewed to ensure they share our values of acceptance and love.

Each volunteer receives ongoing training to create a safe space for children. Parental permission is needed before a child may attend.

We have fun together

Weekly games, music, and storytelling teach memorization skills, and spiritual lessons that encourage healthy responses in a child’s life.

Exciting stories from the Bible come to life in memorable lessons week to week. 

We Love To Explore​

In an environment, that supports children emotionally and spiritually, there is room for open dialogue, questions, and discussion. A child needs answers too!

Our clubs give every child a chance to express themselves and learn.

We Take It Step-By-Step

As we learn one Bible story at a time, our clubs approach complex spiritual concepts in smaller chunks. This lets children grasp the meaning of God’s Word that is applied with a response activity.

This means we teach your child to understand and then apply God’s Word in their world.  

We Keep It Simple

We teach and review lessons at a child’s appropriate age levels

Each of the 8 years are different lessons with different songs, games, review to compliment the teaching theme.

We welcome everyone!

Because every Child Matters!

Our goal is to create a safe place where a diverse group of children from any faith or background know they are accepted and loved. We love to hear our children’s questions and thoughts about what they are learning.

Every child is valued and deserves a chance to be supported, to develop good values and a good foundation for their lives. We want each child to be a valued part of our club. We seek to build a relationship with every child of any background.  

We teach your child to develop honest characteristics, which will help them withstand future difficulties in life.

A Rock-Solid Track Record

About us

For over 75 years, BCM has provided Bible Clubs throughout Canada. 

All school age children from any faith and background are welcome to attend our clubs at no cost! We study the Bible so that children will have a chance to know, love and obey God.

We offer a loving, safe, and fun environment, where children will learn about the Bible with memory verses, games, songs and caring volunteers.

If your child stays with us for 7 to 8 years, they will have covered the entire Bible!

meet our amazing team

The Faces of our Bible Clubs

Ms Judy

Leamington Clubs Coordinator

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